About Us

Where the Animal's long term health and wellbeing always come first

9 Years ago, Back to Nature For Canine’s co-founder Kim Lewis embarked on a journey through the tragic loss of one of her canine’s. Kim was out one day walking Xena and noticed a lack of co-ordination and disorientation. The diagnosis for Xena a much beloved companion, wasn't good. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given approx 2-3 month timeframe for survival. Xena tragically passed away within 8 weeks.

With many unanswered questions as to how and why this happened Kim embarked on a journey that changed her life.

Knowing that Xena's tumor was attributed to the inferior pet food industry it was simply unacceptable the clever marketing could lead a consumer to purchase a product that wasn't truly healthy, natural and free from harmful ingredients.

Upon discovering the pet industry is not regulated by the FDA, Kim knew she had to be a voice for change in this multi-billion dollar pet industry.

Back to Nature for Canine's first healthy meals hit the market in 2009 and quickly expanded to offer a very large product range from meals to treats, bones, natural flea products, Homeopathic Remedies, grooming products etc.

Our pets are what we feed them. The life expectancy of our pets lives are deteriorating rapidly as with their quality of life. There are more and more human like diseases appearing in our pets than ever before. 

Our pets lives are being shortened by the levels or toxins our pets our exposed to everyday throughout their lives. Commercial Pet Food, over Vaccinating, Flea and Tick Control, Worming,  medications and so it goes on, these all pose a serious threat to our animals health and wellbeing, whether it be in the short or long term.

Back to Nature for Canines continues to lead the way in pushing the pet industry to develop safer products that are truly natural, non toxic, sustainably sourced for our pets.

Considering your pet’s diet is one of the most important decisions you can make regarding their health and wellbeing.

They are relying on you!