Scratch Skin Relief Spray Bottle - 250ml

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Scratch Skin Relief

Scratch Skin Relief gives fast relief from any type of skin allergy reactions and conditions:



Itchy Skin

Inflammed red due to allergies of some sort

Heals sores and bleeding

Queensland itch - insect reactions bites

Flea bite allergy reactions

Biting and chewing at feet - leaving them sore, red and loss of fur

If feet are the main problem area, can put mixture into a bowl so one foot at a time can be dunked into soak a little.

Repeat throughout the day to get fast healing response.

This formula will last for several years and is concentrate which only small amount is used each time as diluted to water to apple on affected areas.

Not suitable for felines, otherwise all other species are fine. Only because felines groom themselves and have the taste of herbal rinse on body will put them off in grooming and attending to themselves.

Simple Instructions on bottle.

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