Mazza's Story

Mazza's Story

Mazza's story is a living testament to what a fresh healthy diet can do for your animals.

Meet Mazza in Foster Care with me. Mazza was diagnosed with a tumour in the back of his nose back in February 2012, with a terminal 8 week prognoses Mazza's life was grim at best.

Mazza came into my care from Victorian Dog Rescue for however long he had to live in April 2012.

I embarked on a journey to help support Mazza's immune system by changing his food from Processed Commercial Food to completely fresh healthy food and the removal of toxic chemical medications he was on to administrating Animal Homeopathic Remedies to treat his tumour and support his immune system.

This change was Mazza's best possible chance for him to get through this terminal disease and for a better future.

Over 6 years since Mazza was diagnosed with a termially ill disease he now enjoys a wonderful healthy happy life.

Mazza is now 17 years old and has the energy as if he was a young dog. He loves the company of my children and enjoys the comforts of a warm doona at the foot of my bed at night.

His unquestionable love, compassion and energy makes this story one to remember forever. Mazza is much loved in my home and is a living testament to what Fresh Healthy Food and Animal Homeopathic Remedies can do.

May Mazza live a long, Happy and Healthy Life for years to come.