How much to feed your canine?


At Back to Nature for Canines it is important that your canine has a variety of different meats, fruits, vegetables, meaty bones, offal, vitamins and minerals to achieve a balanced diet over a few days to a few weeks.

Our large menu we offer means your pets are able to have a large variety of different meats that resembles what your canine's digestive system is designed to eat and would eat in the wild. For your convenience we offer 4 different size meals according to your dog’s weight making it easy for you to feed your companion.

When introducing Fresh food into your dog’s diet we recommend mixing it with your previous food for about a week and slowly reducing the amount of their current food each day until they are comfortable eating a complete raw healthy meal. This time frame may vary depending on your dog.

Be Patient it can be a big change for them. Your dog’s digestive system and pallet will adjust to their new fresh food. Some dogs adjust straight away. As an added incentive, feed your dog a little bit later than usual to help build up an appetite.

It is important to include different varieties of meats, offal, bones and healthy treats, this will keep your pet in optimal health and wellbeing.

A guideline is to feed your canine between 2% and 3% of their body weight. Working dogs may require 3% to 6% of their body weight.


This is a general feeding guide.

Please experiment with quantities according to your dog's weight and needs.