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Animal Repellent - Foxes, Dogs & Cats
Animal Repellent - Foxes, Dogs & Cats
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Animal Repellent - Foxes, Dogs & Cats


Our Repellent Granules deter unwanted visitors including cats, dogs and foxes from digging up your lawn, flowerbeds, in fact anywhere in your garden. For best results, spread liberally amongst plants, in garden borders, on the lawn and everywhere else animals are being a nuisance. As the granules are ready to use straight out of the container you can start to REPEL straight away!

Ready To Use! Just Sprinkle & Go!

How It Works The granules are impregnated with citrus oil, gradually releasing an odour which over time repels cats, dogs and foxes.

Discreet REPEL granules are designed to blend in with their environment, so they protect outdoor garden spaces from cat, dog and fox invasions without ruining the look of your garden.

Why It Works

The granules are impregnated with citronella oil. They release a strong odour over time which most animals dislike enough to get them to go away.

Long Lasting – Water Resistant

Effective in all weather conditions. They don’t disintegrate in rain so they remain effective longer than other repellent crystals or pellets on the market.

We have tested these granules by submerging them in water, and after a week they still retain a citrus smell!

Product Features

  • Much Stronger than other repellents
  • ✔ 100% natural and humane
  • ✔ Lasts for 7+ days
  • ✔ Weather resistant granules
  • ✔ Citronella oil - no garlic
  • ✔ Discourages digging & fouling
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  • Regular price $18.00