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Impacted bowels, Intestinal Obstruction, acute or chronic in dog or cat or other species

  • Anal prolapse, stricture, spasm of the rectum.
  • Incomplete hard dry stools or difficulty going.
  • Soft stools, muscle or nerve weakness.
  • Constipation is often seen in older pets.
Acute - Constipation – is often a deficiency of minerals  (Magnesium)

Maintaining and support from mineral deficiencies that may cause muscle tone, strengthen the nerves, colon, large and small intestines, conditions of obstinate, obstruction, or intestinal paralysis, damage spine or bone deformities, rheumatoid arthritis in the back end.  

Constipation is often misinterpreted as a lack of fiber, but that is not the case – it reflects failed transition to healthy bowel flora and mineral deficiencies (magnesium). 

People have been using magnesium to treat constipation, but not all magnesium’s work that way, so here are a couple types of magnesium supplements that will help with constipation issues. 

  • Often a bad breath is noticed, but not every time. 
  • Due to a poor digestive system. 
  • Dry flat looking fur. 
  • Pets with kidney (dehydrated - provide SubQ fluids)
  • Pets with liver issues also get constipated as well. 

    If acute Intestinal obstruction and pain, prolapsed and stricture from an injury (hit by a cat), spine conditions, you may need a stronger formula.

    Use Internal Repair 169-1 50ml drops  ~ Working on the repair and restoration of function of bladder paralysis, bladder spasms, stricture of rectum or bladder, and paralysis of the intestinal muscles, paralysis or prolapse of the rectum (anus) and sphincter causing the inability to go to the toilet and release stools and urine causing acute or chronic constipation or urinary blockage etc.

Chronic - Constipation often called "MegColon"

Megacolon can be brought on by injury to the spine or deformities of the spine as well as from natural causes and rheumatoid arthritis. Then Conditions that show abnormal bowel health anal prolapse, constipation, stricture of rectum or spasms, paralysis, debility, nervous exhaustion, anal retentive, obstinate constipation.  If ongoing bowel health issues of the colon muscle, weak or damage from long-term stool build up and impaction, which can be caused by spinal injuries or deformities etc. 

Set of 3
1. Constipation  30ml 
2. Magnesium Citrate powder 50mg
3.  Psyllium husk  50mg powder

Non-Drug Prescription - Set of  3 - Constipation in your pets. For all species and ages

1.Constipation 30ml drops
Contains homeopathic, sarcode complex:  (NAR) Digestion formula 200C, Sanicula 1M (constipation), Ammon.Mur 1M (constipation), Ruta Grav 6X,1M (constipation, rectum prolapse, stricture of rectum, difficult faeces), Nux Vom 30X, Plumbum Met 1M (stricture, prolapse, impacted bowels, intestinal obstruction), Bryonia 1M,  (inflammation, peritonitis), Lachesis inflammation, peritonitis, Alumina 30X, 200C, 1M (paretic muscular state, impacted bowels, intestinal obstruction), Opium 200C (impacted bowels, intestinal obstruction), Alumen, Mag Mur (chlori) Aesculus Glabra, Graphites, Alumin Sil.Sulp, Silicea 200C, Phosphorus 200C (peritonitis), Belladonna 200C ( inflammation, peritonitis), Ruta Grav, Abies Nigra, Morgan Bach (bowel nosode) with Fucus Vesicular Muscle Torso Anal Triangle sarcode 6C, 30C, Beryllium Met, Sal Marinum 6C, 30C (constipation), Magnesium nosode 30C.   With Tissue Salt - Silica, Ferr Phos, Calc Flour, Nat Mur, Nat Sulp, Mag Phos (pain)

2.  Magnesium Citrate powder  50mg
If given enough, this natural mineral helps to increase the amount of water in the intestines, which can help with bowel movements. It may be used as a laxative due to these properties, or as a supplement for magnesium deficiency. 

Easy Homeopathic Animal Dosing Application:  pat in 3 -4 drops on the back of shoulder blades, with the bottom of the bottle.  The liquid has alcohol, so do not give orally. Repeat as frequently as suggested, when acute or severe symptoms.   If no relief or changes were seen after the fourth repeated dosing, then this is an incorrect remedy and need to go onto another formula.  

Use in conjunction  (if needed)

with soaked Pysllium Husks that have been soaked overnight.  Add a tablespoon of runny liquid husks in meals once or twice a day.

Sometimes, if not sure of the diagnosis, we can try other remedies to see if the response is seen, this helps us know what is going on.  eg, acute pancreas attack, bladder blockage, cystitis infection etc

It's not the amount applied at each dose, it the frequency of time in between each dosing that is more important.  Less time between repeats the faster response and relief is given.  Then we continue, for a complete rebalancing of a system for a bit longer.  You can't hurt if too much is given, but once the pet is back to normal there is no need to give frequent dosings.  

However, a dose in meals once a day for another week will help prevent any further incomplete issues. 

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