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First Aid Kit for Animals

Natural medicines that may assist first aid.

Kit Includes:

 12 x 15ml Bottles

1 x 50g Slippery Elm Powder

1 x 50g Vitamin C Powder

2 x Oral Syringes

1 x Case

  • Emergency Stress 15ml Bottle - Fear, shock, trauma,
  • Sting n Bite 15ml Bottle - Stings, allergic reaction, spider, bee etc
  • Pain Eze 15ml Bottle - After surgeries or injuries or cancer pain.  
  • Drawing Out 15ml Bottle - drains pus-infection in wounds, abscess, cysts teeth etc.
  • Anti Bleed 15ml Bottle - Possible haemorrhage (any severe blow to the body or fall accident, car accident
  • Colloidal Silver 15ml Bottle - A natural antibiotic for skin, eye, ear infections, wound cleaner
  • Infection Clear 15ml Bottle - Infection, fever, inflammations anywhere in the body.
  • Acute Bloat 15ml Bottle - Acute “Gastric Bloat”, “Colic in horses”  Colic in any species (stomach pain)   
  • Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate 50g - treat an animal from a Snakebite, Parvo Virus, Toxic spider bites, Rat bat poisons etc.  
  • Snake Bite 15ml Bottle - A fast-acting antidote for ALL species, Snake venom, insect poisons as a prophylactic, for any type of snake venom bites
  • Inflammation 15ml Bottle - muscle pain (inflammation), sprains, ligament or tendon pain.  
  • Heat Exhaustion 15ml Bottle Stroke Sun or heat exhaustion or exhaustion
  • Anti Nausea 15ml Bottle - acute vomiting and nausea. Other symptoms are staying groggy and (sleepy) and very lethargic eating grass
  • Slippery Elm Powder 50g - Fast acting relief of diarrhea, internal, ulcers, IBS, gastritis, mouth ulcers, internal wounds, surgery, infant scouring.

Shelf life is for several years and longer. Best to keep away from direct sunlight, microwaves, strong odours.

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