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Worming Intestinal - Canine intestinal worming herbal drops. (For felines if needing a stronger worm formula). A complimentary HeartWorm formula included (prevention).
Worming Intestinal - Canine intestinal worming herbal drops. (For felines if needing a stronger worm formula). A complimentary HeartWorm formula included (prevention).
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Worming Intestinal - Canine intestinal worming herbal drops. (For felines if needing a stronger worm formula). A complimentary HeartWorm formula included (prevention).

  • A strong herbal intestinal cleanser.
  • With the HeartWorm PROTECTION drops.
  • For all ages and size canines.
  • For felines ParaExpel homeopathic

So here is a SAFE herbal "Intestinal Cleanse" for puppies and adult canines.

Our prescription herbal anti-parasitic formula is much potent than the homeopathic "ParaExpel" drops formula - parasitic intestinal cleanser.  Also recommended for animals who maybe rundown or rescued pet. Especially difficult worms like tapeworm (rice like shape in stool). Use for canines, but for felines best to use the non-tasting cleanser called ParaExpel drops formula. Which you can apply to the body or in food. 

~ Treating FELINES.  KIitens an adult - due to the strong taste and smell, it makes it difficult to give this to felines and other small animals, therefore we recommend the homeopathic non-tasting intestinal cleanser called ParaExpel drops - or tiny granules.  Added to meals.

We have two types of WORMING herbal formulas
~  HerbaWorm DROPS, would be a protective against heartworm – although it contains only 45% BWHull but not Hawthorn Berries which is needed as a treatment for Heartworm positive dog (as the herb hawthorn is needed to protect the heart).  
~ Whereas HeartWorm Free DROPS contains 75% BWHull and HawthornBerries - worming, heartworm protection or treatment (if needed) You would only need one of the two to herbal worming formulas to protect your dog from both HERBAL wormers and heartworm.   
~ However, for Heartworm 'positive' dog we recommend using the HeartWorm Free formula.

among the most common types of parasites to affect humans are single-celled organisms called protozoans, worm-like organisms, fungi, and mites. These organisms are most likely to cause health conditions -  such as ascariasis, chiggers, giardiasis, guinea worm disease, histoplasmosis, hookworm infection, leishmaniasis, lymphatic filariasis, malaria, ringworm infection, scabies, tapeworm infection, river blindness, threadworm infection, trichinosis, and whipworm infection. Look at "Sweet Annie herb" - as this herb is often used for Leishmaniasis in canines or humans (a parasite fighting herb, by itself it has been found effective at killing most of the leishmaniasis protozoan) See AN176 Leishmaniasis formulas Set.

You can use non-chemical and chemical worming drugs if you choose. 
Some cats that are VERY SENSITIVE or have ALLERGY REACTIONS to many chemicals (drugs and products etc). We hear many symptoms of seizures to death. With many of the Vet drugs that are insecticide poisons effect then neurologically (Central Nervous System). Behavioral changes are seen in pets - can be seizures of aggression and acute stress.  Acute allergy reactions in the CNS and brain activity. And for the Vets to think it could from natural supplements. I wonder if they have ever read what these insecticide drugs cause - horrendous side effect in a cat. Kittens have died from these drugs.  My recommendation is to avoid any further damages to him and avoid all - chemical injections, vaccines, worm, flea tick toxins. Otherwise, he will get very very sick.

The Flea, Tick, Wormer - sprays, topical liquid, injections, tablets
are designed to interfere with the "central nervous system" of the tick, paralyzing it before killing it. But if a cat or kitten is sensitive to this toxic chemical then serious side effects occur.

HerbaWorm 100ml  Liquid
Contains herbal and homeopathic blend of Wormwood, Sage, Fennel Seed, Thyme, Cloves, Sweet Annie, Black walnut hull liquid extract, combined with homeopathic combination of intestinal nosodes ParaExpel formula 6C, 30X, Heart Worm formula (homeopathics)  Strong taste and smell.  Always dilute herbs before offering to your dog.   NOT suitable for HORSES.

HeartWorm 30ml Liquid
Contains homeopathics, nosode complex contains: Croton tiglium 9X, 20X, 30X, 200X, Lycopersicum esculentum 9X, 20X, 30X, Tanacetum 9X, 20X, 30X, Allium cepa 9X, 20X, 30X, 200X, Allium sativum 9X ,20X, 30X, 200X, with Heartworm nosode 30C, Crataegus oxy 2X, 200C (Hawthorn) to strengthen the heart.

EASY DOSING: Apply a 2- 4 drops on the body, (e.g top of head to reach the skin). Repeat twice a day for three months.
The Heartworm nosode helps the body’s cellular memory to build a defense against the parasite should it come in contact with it, thus enabling the body to take care of the problem at the early stages so no further development could occur. 

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