Oral Mouth Rinse - 50ml Spray
Oral Mouth Rinse - 50ml Spray
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Oral Mouth Rinse - 50ml Spray

(gum infection, bleeding gums) in cat, dog, or other species)

  • Repairs skin damage, bleeding, antiseptic.
  • Draw out infection also with our Drawing Out Remedy
  • Also, add Vitamin C to daily meals.
  • For all species (except small pets and wildlife)

This herbal formula (brown liquid) is helpful for any mouth and gum disease that has a lot of loose teeth, infection or bleeding from gums.

Non-Drug Prescription - for all species and ages

Oral Herbal Mouth Rinse  50ml Spray Bottle
Contains herbal concentrate extract:  Calendula, Coptis, Guaiacum and homeopathic Pain Eze and Gum Ulcer  11-1

E.g.  Calendula herb works on healing the skin and is a natural antiseptic herb, stomatitis symptoms, Guaiacum improves oral health and cures oral ulcers.

Store bottle in a cool dark place for a long shelf life.

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