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Pain Relief

  • Pain in the body. i.e. fever, glands infected.
  • After any type of surgery, tooth extractions, shingles.
  • For all species and ages.
  • Apply on the body every 5 mins, 8 times a day.

Use with OTHER Support and Healing Formulas

Use in conjunction with other healing and repairing medicines, depending on what type of injury or surgery your pet or animal has had.  e.g infection Fighter is a potent fast-acting herbal antibiotic.  This can be used with a drug antibiotic or as an effective alternative and safer.

We also highly suggest the all-important mineral

Magnesium liquid solution) to daily meals to help as a natural relaxant. We often encounter this behavior in our pets, either felines or canines. Sometimes it is from fear, stress, trauma which can be quite frustrating indeed.

Any type of physical trauma to the body or after any surgical procedures, eardrum from damages or infection pain. 
Use this in conjunction with other healing remedies and support if needed.

~ Fever pain, brain, meningitis, influenza virus, any fevers caused by organ inflammation. 
~ Pain after surgery or injuries or when any gland in the body is infected or affected, facial neuralgia, septicemia, kidneys, to maintain a hold on any infection so it does not spread infection, septic inflammation. Must give frequently to get fact action for desired support.

NOTE:  Usually the way a pet is laying or sitting, very still & quiet, tells a lot of their discomfort.  Example: pat into fur a dose on the body repeating several times daily, each application is given every 5 minutes.  As less time between each repeat will assist faster for relief.  Repeat as often as needed to aid in fast results.
Example:  able to sleep well (circled up or stretched out in a relaxed position when sleeping). 

Use other support formulas that will be working on other parts or conditions of the damaged body at the same time.

Pain Relief 30ml Liquid Form
Contains homeopathic, nosode complex: Morphinum nosode, Guaia, Aconite Nap CM, Guaco, Anth nosode, Carbolic Acid 10M, Cuprum Met 10M (cramps/spasms) Gunpowder nosode (stops the infection spreading), Kalium Chloricum 10M, Bothrops Venom 6X (embolism-blood clot, thrombosis, lung congestion)

General Treatment:  Drops can be applied to the body, in meals and water dish for feral or wildlife or stock animals.  (fine if other animal drink same water, only the one that needs pain relief will find relief)

Acute or discomforts and recovery from injury, surgery etc
Applying drops to the body "every 5 minutes", until comfort is restored.  Repeat as often as required.

NOTE:  A pet when out of pain, will lay or circle up in a more relaxed restful position.  And if hiding, they should start relaxing and stay out of hiding spot.

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