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Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan
Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan
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Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan

Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan

Find out what's making your pet crazy itchy!

Food and allergies in dogs and cats, or more accurately, the "allergy-type symptoms" that can wreak havoc with you pet's health.

Alternative Sensitivity Assessment is the original hair and saliva method for assessing immune imbalances and finding solutions to help your pet. The Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan is the original hair and saliva scan for identifying over 300 stresses in your pet's diet and environment. It can give you an easy guide for bringing your pet back into balance.

Using biofeedback analysis, is widely accepted as an accurate way to read the body's energy to achieve greater wellness, we can show you what food and environmental factors are currently impacting your pet's well-being.


Simply send us the saliva saturated cotton buds (enclosed in this kit) and some hair and we will send this to Glacier Peak Holistic's for you to tell you what foods may be causing your dog or cat problems.

This test is all inclusive for food sensitivity & triggers, environmental disturbances & triggers and beneficial remedies.

We make meals to suit your dog or cats sensitivities & triggers plus supplying beneficial remedies.


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