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Past Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress release for all species and ages

  • For all species - chronic or acute symptoms of fear.
  • Past trauma's of any sort - for any species.
  • May also be the remedy needed for underlying timidness.
  • Add a dose to farm trough or kennels from stress full events.

Non Drug Prescription - for all species and ages

Past Trauma  30ml drops
Contains homeopathic formula:  Nat Mur (grief, never forgive or hanging on to what was done to them), Phos Acid (insomnia at night, depressed), Sepia (worn out, physically, mentally and emotionally), Staphysagria (suppressed emotions, anger) 6X, 6C, 30C

Use this remedy for any noticeable changes that may be seen in your pet or farm animals behavior. If unknown or known trauma or event - recent or past.

The remedy will help release stress from past or recent traumatic in print in the cellar memory. Symptoms of perhaps post-traumatic stress would be restless at night, poor sleep, withdrawn behaviour when normally sociable, isolation from rest of herd, or other pets and guardians.   All species that are used to breed that have been through a difficult birth or birthing can cause shut down, trauma and shock.


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