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Turkey Tail Mushroom - 120g

Immune Benefits

Because they regulate the immune system, beta-glucans help protect dogs from fungi, bacteria, viruses … and parasites. The immune system and IgE antibodies are well equipped to deal with worms and internal parasites … and beta-glucans help improve that response. 

Turkey tail mushrooms may also help protect against kennel cough, canine flu and other infectious diseases. 

Fights Yeast

Turkey tail mushrooms can help crowd out yeast by feeding beneficial bacteria colonies. This also ramps up the immune response in the fight against yeast.

Turkey tail is also anti-fungal, which makes it a good addition to your yeast fighting regimen.

Digestive And Urinary Health

Turkey tail mushrooms can also regulate the immune cells that control inflammation.

Turkey tail in particular, works especially hard to reduce inflammation in the digestive, urinary and respiratory tract.

While we’re talking about digestive health, turkey tail is also a healthy prebiotic.

Prebiotics help with the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. These beneficial bacteria reduce digestive inflammation, produce important vitamins and fatty acids, and form another important part of your dog’s immune system.

Turkey tail mushrooms may also help protect the liver


Finally, turkey tail mushrooms also contain health-boosting phytochemicals including the antioxidant phenolic compounds gallic acid, protocatechuic acid and catechin.

Plant-based Beta-glucans

Beta-glucans aren’t just found in mushrooms. They’re also found in the cell walls of cereals and grains … but the structure of plant-based beta-glucans is different and less complex than those found in mushrooms.

The complex triple helix structure of the mushroom beta-glucans is what gives turkey tail and other medicinal mushrooms their immune-boosting properties, while cereals have very little of it. 

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