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Wild Lettuce Herbal - 50ml

e.g. A non addictive, calming, relaxing, and pain relieving effects safe for all species and ages.

  • Natural pain relief for arthritis, joints.
  • For all species and ages.
  • Calming, relaxing, and pain relieving effects.
  • Non-addictive, gentle, fast acting and safe.

Non-Drug Prescriptions - for all species and ages

1. Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief  50ml liquid  
Contains herbal formula of  Wild lettuce,  Corydalis, Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum biflorum), Boswellia, Guaiacum. 

Note  Equines because of their unique metabolism will only need a minute amount of drops e.g 10 drops twice a day for max support.  Dosage instructions on the bottle.

Medicinal Uses

Corydalis is for both cats and dogs with pain, especially when Devil’s Claw is ruled out by either GI distress or cardiac medications. Dr. Wynn says she has found that you can use a higher dose than the general parameters indicate if needed, but at higher doses “sedation may occur”.  How much to use is, as with the other herbs on this list, suggested by the severity of the pain.

Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum biflorum) 
Solomon’s Seal is hand’s down, the most underutilized herb for canine and feline arthritis – I wish it were better known. If I had to pick one herb to promote, this would definitely be it. Michigan herbalist Jim McDonald writes ...  “ I don’t think there’s a single other plants I use that so reliably produces such story-worthy results, and as there is far too little information clearly elaborating on Solomon’s Seal’s remarkable virtues…”

Wild lettuce 
Wild Lettuce is also Known as Opium Lettuce. For a good reason. While it doesn't contain any opiates, it has similar side effects when used - it acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to lessen the feeling of pain, just like morphine.      

It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that are equal to prescription medications without the unpleasant/dangerous side effects.  Boswellia works through entirely different mechanisms than anti-inflammatory drugs. Whereas most drugs function as Cox enzyme inhibitors, Boswellia works by inhibiting lipoxygenase enzymes (LOX), which are powerful contributors to inflammation and disease. By inhibiting LOX enzymes, Boswellia effectively blocks leukotriene synthesis. Leukotrienes play a major role in promoting a whole host of age-associated, inflammation-related diseases including joint problems, intestinal disorders, cancer, and lung-related disease. In addition, it appears that Boswellia can inhibit the breakdown of connective tissues caused by tumor necrosis factor-alpha, a potent inflammatory agent in the body. And finally, it appears that Boswellia has the ability to modulate the immune system and inhibit inflammatory activity, thereby helping with a number of autoimmune conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis.

 Guaiacum - Anti-rheumatic,  laxative, diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic actions of the plant are associated with its rich chemical content.  Guaiacum resin has an advantage over other resins by being not as irritating for the stomach and bowel. Being easy to absorb, it provides fast relief for the symptoms it is taken for. It has been mostly used in herbal medicine for rheumatic conditions and related symptoms. Patients with inflammation and painful joints have been reporting the healing effects of guaiacum. Its anti-inflammatory actions are both helpful in rheumatoid arthritis and chronic rheumatism, lessening recurrence of the attacks.

Guaiacum is also useful for:
For skin disorders, respiratory complaints, and syphilis.
Use it to treat cutaneous diseases, chronic rheumatism, syphilitic diseases and scrofula.
It is an aid for rheumatism, dysmenorrhea, and uterine affections.
Use it externally to provide relief from rheumatism.
Its oral use is useful for blood pressure, tonsillitis, gout, and arteriosclerosis
It promotes discharge of mucous and evacuation of bowels.
It stimulates circulation and purification of blood.

Flowers - used to cure bronchitis, asthma, colds, coughs, flu and excess buildup of mucus as well as congestion.
The wood - is helpful for gastric ulcers and gastritis.

Guaiacum also assists in the elimination of uric acid.
Use the decoction of wood as a mouthwash to improve oral health and cure oral ulcers.


An excellent herbal formula for the fast action of muscle inflammation anywhere in the body. Chronic or acute conditions. Aids circulation and blood purifier with a natural pain properties herbs to assist while restoring health.  

As in conjunction with other suitable natural medicines in the homeopathic range, that will also assist in healing your pet's condition.  Can use more than one natural formula at a time to support the whole body to repair and healing while using the herbs to give fast relief of inflammation and pain.

Drug Meloxican (Metcam)
Warning - If your pet is already on this drug and showing any of the below symptoms  (if not fatal allergy reaction) please discontinue and use safe alternatives that have no  side effects.  e.g  Herbal Anti Inflammatory formula etc.

This drug is often given as pain relief in general.

The most common side effects of meloxicam in dogs involve gastrointestinal upset, much like other NSAID medications. If symptoms become extreme or alarming, then you should contact your vet so they can adjust the dosage or find alternative treatment.

Here are some common side effects of meloxicam:

  • Black or bloody stool or diarrhea
  • Blood in vomit
  • Swelling or weight gain from fluid retention
  • Increased thirst or urination
  • Fatigue or weakness
  • Jaundice (yellowing of skin, gums, or eyes)
  • Itchiness
  • Abdominal pain or tenderness
  • Weight loss
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Behavioural changes

As with nearly all medications, there is a risk of allergic reaction that could lead to anaphylaxis.

If you see the signs of an allergic reaction, including swelling, difficulty breathing, or hives, then contact your vet immediately.

Puppies or dogs who are pregnant or nursing shouldn’t take meloxicam. You should let your vet know if your dog has any other medical conditions, especially renal or cardiovascular conditions.   Your vet should also be aware of all medications your dog is taking, even over-the-counter drugs, as these can react poorly with meloxicam.

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